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Fall Semester 2024

Enrollment has begun.

Sign up now for a trial lesson by phone or by writing to us on Viber. We now also offer lessons on Skype.

If you want to learn English, you need to practice speaking English as much as you can. If you want to speak English the way it is really spoken, then you need to speak with a native speaker. The main difference between NATIVE and the other language schools is that every class is taught by a native speaker of English.

From the very beginning of your studies at NATIVE you will hear how English is really spoken and delve into the subtleties of the language. The main advantage of studying at NATIVE is the rapid rate of progress that you will make: after just a few lessons you will start to understand and speak English.

Unlike other schools that teach an "academic" form of English, which no one really speaks, in our program you will learn how to use correctly idioms, expressions, sayings, and slang that come up in everyday speech.

At NATIVE you will learn the language that people actually speak in English-speaking countries.

Now in the center of Minsk there is a small corner of New York where you can become acquainted with American culture. After successfully completing our course you will be able to speak on any topic in any English-speaking country in Europe or in America as if you had lived in any of these countries for a long time. But why cross dozens of borders when there is a school right in the heart of Minsk that can help you reach your goals?

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